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Alizz Curling Cordless Curling Iron


Alizz Pro Wireless Curling - Afro Hair.

Tutorial Curling Wireless Alizz - Camila Bedoya

The most effective method to achieve the curls of your dreams, almost as if you were a professional

Nothing is easier than inserting a section of hair, pressing the button and obtaining a beautiful curl in just a few seconds.

Our Alizz Curling Cordless curling iron is designed to save you work and time, as well as to protect and care for your hair. With Titanium technology, its chamber and cylinder are ceramic-coated, keeping the temperature constant, it has a temperature regulator so you can choose the most appropriate according to your hair type. You can also rest easy because after a few minutes of inactivity it will turn off automatically or when introducing a lot of hair, preventing it from getting stuck or tangled; It is rechargeable and ideal to take on your trips.

You will be able to make curls to the left or right with the direction selector, without manual movements of the wrist or making turns; Its thermal cylinder will rotate just by pressing the button so that the curl is done only by inserting the appropriate lock of hair.

When the curl is ready, a sound will be generated that will indicate it, according to the time you have previously programmed it, likewise it allows you to select between soft curls so that it is wavy, or also so that there are well-defined curls.

Without the need for you to go to a professional, you can get the best results yourself.



Titanium technology

ceramic cylinder

Uniform temperature 390° F

Six (6) temperature levels  



On off

Ergonomic and lightweight design 

Digital screen

Voltage: 9V 

USB charging cable: included

9V-3A adapter output 120-240 input: Not included

Duration time: 30 to 45 min (Depending on the hair)

Charging time: 4 hours with the indicated charger