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Seal Off Alizz Fork Remover

 Safely cuts the damaged ends of your hair making all ends healthy. It is faster and safer than using scissors or other types of blades, it seals the ends with the temperature, preserving the health of your hair, keeping it long and beautiful.

To obtain a better result, it is recommended to iron the hair first, since the brush works better on straight hair, and to take thin strands no larger than ½ cm wide. Additionally you can adjust the amount of length you want to remove, with dry and slippery hair, separate a thin strand of hair and run through the machine at least 3 times, as if you were using a straightening iron.

It features an ergonomic and luxurious design. It is an innovative tool in treatments for the health of your hair that will allow you to look healthy and beautiful.

Technical Specifications 

Professional performance
Temperatura: 446F
Plate Type: Titanium Crystal
Includes: N/A
Voltage: 110-120V
Temperature levels: 6
Sirve para keratin: No
Antifrizz: No
Warranty: 12 months
Digital: Yes
Cable length: 2 meters
Hair Types: N/A