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Sometimes we want to see ourselves different, we envy the wavy ones of television commercials where those models look fantastic, but when we do not have knowledge of how to implement the look we dream of, we get discouraged and choose to give infinite use to a ponytail which; not the best answer, but as a Alice likes to see you happy, today we will share with you how you can achieve wonderful waves, believe it! You too can look gorgeous.

If you are one of the girls who wants to find the magic to transform your straight and reluctant hair into wavy and fun hair, do not stop reading, here we will take you on the right path so that you can achieve perfect waves with the Alice 4x1 Pro Multifunction Clamp.

1) Keep in mind that the waves should be done when your hair is clean and dry, they do not last if it is silky, this means that you should not use conditioners and it is necessary to use texturizers such as lacquer, gel or foam to mold your hair as you wish , make sure it is a suitable product for hot processes.

2) Before starting to use the Alice Pro Multifunction 4x1 Clamp You must make sure that your hair is dry, otherwise you can cause irreversible damage, incorporate the use of thermoprotectors.

3) We recommend separating strands in small quantities. If the strand you choose is large, the wave will be looser and may fall out much easier. Choose small sections and hold the tweezer for 6 to 8 seconds on each strand. This will achieve have more waves and the heat is properly distributed, when you remove the tube from the hair, you must hold the wave with the palm of your hand (preferably use gloves) and allow it to cool down; finally you let go of the strand. Do not try to wave all the hair at the same time, you will not want to burn it and it will most likely not work, if you want to look radiant you will need time, it is not a look express.

4) When you are ready for the experience with the 4x1 Pro Multifunction Clamp Alice make sure you choose what type of crimp you want, the plus of our clip is the variety of crimps with its 4 barrels or options that allows you to choose the type of crimp. Begin the process from the bottom of your head, so little by little your waves fall without damaging the already wavy locks.

You should also keep in mind that; The first hair to be placed in the clip is the one that is closest to the scalp without coming into contact with it.

5) Finally, apply a FIX to make your waves last longer, use a light spray hairspray; This way you will avoid that your curls do not look rigid and look more natural, these products help protect your hair from humidity and manage to fix the process.

6) Protect your hair from humidity and water, these are the main culprits of spoiling the waves and making the hair return to its natural state.

After ending the waving session with the Alice Pro Multifunction 4x1 Clamp remember to allow it to cool before storing, so you are putting the product to good use and it will last longer than expected.



We know that the experience you will live with the Alice Pro Multifunction 4x1 Clamp It will be unmatched, the technology implemented with titanium seeks to ensure that your hair is protected, healthy and wavy for longer. Do not hesitate to connect with what you see in the models, they are real girls like you and me.

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