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Thermo-protective treatment with detangling action, Helps to facilitate the process of brushing and ironing thanks to the fact that it forms a protective film on the hair that protects it from high temperatures and to have greater control of frizz and volume.

Contains provitamin B5 collagen, Acai oil and flax seeds that moisturize and restore natural elasticity and flexibility to processed hair.

It comes in an 80 ml presentation and has a delicious fragrance.


It should be applied to wet or dry hair, it is not recommended to apply to the root of the hair

uses: apply as a thermo protector before using any product with high temperature, sun, sea or swimming pool. before physical activity to protect from sweat.


content: 80ml



  1. Mineral oil is an emollient and emulsifier. provides hydration,
    lubricity and resistance to moisture loss. 
  2. duck embryo extract contains nucleic acids, amino acids,
    oligopeptides, vitamins, minerals and substances that stimulate cell growth.
  3. Keratin moisturizes the hair and maintains its vitality, giving it strength and shine.
  4. panthenol is a derivative of protein b5, with moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Hydrolyzed collagen contains essential amino acids so that the hair is stronger. 
  6. Silk protein deeply repairs the structure of the hair, penetrating deep into the hair shaft, leaving it like silk.
  7. Aloe vera extract helps hair grow properly and stop hair loss.
  8. Ceramides play a central role in strengthening the hair, since they protect its fibers from external agents that can damage them, such as the weather or exposure to heat. lack of ceramides can cause dryness and make it brittle, brittle and split ends. 
  9. Biotin provides strength to the hair while reducing levels of dandruff and alopecia.
  10. Argan oil makes hair soft and shiny, helps reduce split ends and makes combing easier.
  11. avocado extract is a natural anti-frizz remedy. It reduces dandruff and itchy scalp. It is an ally against premature aging of the hair due to its contribution in antioxidants. 
  12. flax extract contains essential amino acids with properties
    restructuring and vitalizing agents for the hair, strengthens and aligns the hair fiber, reducing frizz. 
  13. Coconut oil contains hyaluronic acid that protects the hair from external aggressions, strengthening the scalp. 
  14. vitamin e promotes good circulation. antioxidants that reduce stress and free radical damage. 
  15. cannabis seed oil rebuilds damaged hair, combats dryness, provides elasticity and softness thanks to vitamin e.
  16. ginger extract prevents hair loss. improves circulation
    blood. accelerates hair growth. nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber. 
  17. Green tea stimulates growth, reduces hair loss, prevents dandruff and provides brilliant shine. gives volume and fills it with life. 
  18. Acai oil improves elasticity, is rich in vitamins and minerals with an antioxidant and protective effect against free radicals, controls frizz, deeply nourishes and provides thermal protection. 
  19. Onion extract activates blood circulation, helping to prevent hair loss and accelerating hair growth. 



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